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Rosalene Glickman, Phd.

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By Rosalene Glickman, Phd.

Pensamiento Óptimo

Cómo lograr lo mejor de uno mismo

from the book

Optimal Thinking

How to Be Your Best Self   




Maximize your talents, resources, and time. Make the most of every opportunity and achieve optimal personal and professional satisfaction. The successor to positive thinking, Optimal Thinking is the mental tool you need to achieve your ultimate life.

This revolutionary, life-optimizing book shows you just how simple it is to sweep past the ordinary and even the extraordinary into the world of the highest and best. You will never settle for second best again!

You’ll learn how to:

- Ask the best questions and find the best solutions

- Make the most constructive decisions in every situation.

- Maximize your enjoyment of everyday activities.

- Eliminate self-sabotage and experience the full power of your mind .

- Master disturbing emotions and stop unwanted behaviors.

- Function at your peak in business and personal relationships.

- Bring out the best in others, and much more!

About the Author
ROSALENE GLICKMAN, Ph.D., is a consultant who conducts seminars regularly and addresses large audiences throughout the world. She has been honored as Australia’s Most Successful Woman and voted "Woman of the Year" for National Business Women’s Week in Hollywood. Dr. Glickman lives in Los Angeles.


Acclaim for Optimal Thinking

"Optimal Thinking has a little bit for everyone and will help people be the best self they can be." —Ken Blanchard, Ph.D.,author of The One Minute Manager.

"This powerful, practical, most inspiring book gives you the ideas and tools you need to become an optimally productive and powerful person in every area of your life." —Brian Tracy, author of Focal Point

"To fast create an optimal life, lifestyle, and future, read, digest, and use Optimal Thinking." —Mark Victor Hanson, co-creator, New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

"Optimal Thinking beautifully convinces and illustrates why 'the enemy of the best is the good.' Insightfully, it blends and synthesizes idealistic and realistic thinking, left- and right-brain cognition, analysis and creative intuition, acceptance and optimism. A superb treatment of the idea of Personal Best." —Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


 Rosalene Glickman, Phd.

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