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Ola 4 El Network Marketing en el siglo XXI

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Richard Poe

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By Richard Poe

Ola 3

La Nueva Era
en Network Marketing

from the book

Wave 3

The New Era in Network Marketing


BusinessWeek Bestseller 

Over 300,000 Sold Copies



Catch the Wave!
Fueled by new technology and innovative marketing ideas, cutting-edge network-marketing companies have set out to change the way North Americans live and work. To the corporate world, these companies offer a secret formula for lightning growth and global dominance. To people like you, they offer a chance to start a business at minimal cost, to work comfortably from your home and—for a fortunate few—to acheive wealth beyond your wildest dreams. The ideas are revolutionary, and before the 1990s are over, the movement these companies have started will transform us all. It's called the Wave Three Revolution.

In today's Wave-Three organization, distributors rely on a twenty-first century network of systems, procedures, media, and technology that simplifies, standardizes, and even automates the most difficult aspects of the business. Richard Poe explains what you will need to know about network marketing and how you can get started right away on this exciting path toward financial independence. Chapters include:

The Wave-Three Revolution How to Spot a Wave-Three Company Wave-Three Prospecting Wave-Three Sponsoring The Fifth Income Stream And much, much more
Armed with the information in Wave 3, you can learn how easy it is to become a part of what could be your best hope for attaining financial freedom in today's economy!


 Richard Poe

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Ola 4 El Network Marketing en el Siglo XXI




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