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Richard Poe

Infórmese  sobre el libro
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By Richard Poe

El Liderazgo al Estilo Ola 4

Construyendo Redes

from the book

The Wave 4 Way to Building Your Downline

BusinessWeek Bestseller


Learn the Leadership Secrets of the Masters

In Wave 4, Richard Poe explained why 27 million people have become involved in the $90 billion business of network marketing. Now he gives you the nuts and bolts of how to build your own MLM sales force and become an independent, home-based entrepreneur.

"Required reading for your network marketing education . . . . Fact-filled, informative, and very entertaining."

—From the foreword by Charles W. King, professor of marketing and coauthor of The New Professionals

"An important and powerful book. A must-read for everyone involved in or thinking of becoming involved in network marketing."

—Stuart Johnson, president and CEO of VideoPlus Inc.

"Richard Poe is the undisputed expert on network marketing, and this latest book will delight his millions of readers. I recommend it enthusiastically."

—Mark Yarnell, coauthor of Your First Year in Network Marketing

"Perfect for the beginner who's up for the leadership challenge."

—Uma Outka, editor-in-chief of Upline Journal

About the Author

Richard Poe is an award-winning journalist, a New York Times-bestselling author, and the editor of Frontpagemag.com, a popular conservative Web site. In addition, his columns have appeared on NewsMax.com, an online newspaper rated as the sixth most visited Web site on the Internet by the World Charts Foundation. Mr. Poe lives in New York City.


 Richard Poe

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