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James W. Robinson

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libro escrito por James W.Robinson
Imperio de Libertad

La Historia de Amway y lo que significa para usted




Over 10 million network marketers working today will find inspiration and practical insights in this first independent look at Amway, the multilevel marketing pioneer that's still the industry's vanguard.

FIRST, two men set out to find a better way to feed their families. THEN, they created a business that feeds millions of families. NOW, people are asking how the rural, small-town basement operation that started in 1959 turned into a $6.3 billion global phenomenon of today. AVAILABLE NOW is Empire of Freedom?the first fully up-to-date exploration of the Amway phenomenon in fifteen years!

"The Amway story vividly and powerfully reminds us all that the values we hold dear as Americans?freedom, private enterprise, individual initiative, personal responsibility, and the love of family?are universal in scope and appeal."
?From the Foreword by Richard Lesher,
President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

As author James W. Robinson journeys inside one of the world?s largest direct sales organizations, readers from all walks of life will discover:

- How two men built an internationally respected company based on core American values and beliefs

- Inspirational stories from hardworking men and women around the world who have overcome adversity to achieve financial success in Amway

- How technological advances will affect Amway in the 21st century - Success secrets of top Amway leaders

- The worst thing anyone ever said about Amway


James W.Robinson









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