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Dra Elisa Lion

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Libro escrito por La Dra. Elisa Lion

Herramientas para Vivir Mejor

Educación Emocional Dirigida hacia Objetivos 

  Tools for a Better Living

Goal Achieving Emotional Education



About this book

Do you live fully as your relationship, family, friends, colleagues, partners and children?

Do you think you are achieving the goals you set in relation to your family, education, profession or business?

Do you think fear or blockages during childhood may be undermining your current personal, professional or business achievements, your relationship with your partner or with your children?

Do you think that you have come to occupy in this world the place you deserve?

Dr Elisa Lion presents in this book an approach encompassing the various aspects of life by providing the reader with tools to assess the areas where he feels he is not using his "ability and potential to adapt and develop everything he needs to achieve his objectives and goals. "

Based on her research and extensive experience in Transpersonal Psychology, and with a content of selfrealization, Dr. Elisa Lion directs us to overcome the fears, obstacles and emotional barriers that are reflected in our daily lives and prevent us from navigating through a fully life. Likewise she directs us to become the main actors and protagonists of the life we live.

Dr. Elisa Lion has a history of 30 years searching for tools that will enable people to find what they want to be and do in their lifes. Her path went through training in Clinical Psychology at the University of Buenos Aires, doing a Masters in Human Resources in Mexico-USA, training in Transactional Analysis, being part of the Latin American Committee of ALT for more than 20 years, practicing and knowing Anthroposophical Medicineand visiting countries and cities in her own way to learning, growing, evolving, developing and teaching as a goal to share what she has learned in her life travel.


Dr. Elisa Lion presented his book in Cúspide Recoleta bookstore- Buenos Aires Argentina

She was accompanied by the following speakers: engineer Jorge Close, chairman of the Committee on Science and Research ALAT (author of "The unification of transactional analysis with spirituality"), doctor Roberto Crottogini, coordinator of courses in medicine in Anthroposophic Anthroposophical Medicine Association (author of "The Earth as a school")

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Amway Congress in Cordoba Argentina

On this occasion, Dr. Elisa Lion, addresses the following topics:

-Leadership for Change
-Positions from where we observe reality
-Emotions that block results

It was a very pleasant, harmonious, of great interest meeting for 500 participants and an enriching experience for all those who shared those days.



 Dra. Elisa Lion




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