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Frank MiKinney

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By Frank McKinney

49 Secretos para ¡HACERLO A LO GRANDE! y vivir una vida extraordinaria

from the book:

MAKE IT BIG! 49 Secrets for Building a Life of Extreme Success



About this book

Success is supposed to have its price, but McKinney shows that you can balance your work and play and keep your individuality and your personality while riding to the top of your profession–– whatever your business is. On his unconventional path to success, McKinney always remembered the lessons he learned and the spiritual guidance that got him there, turning those lessons into forty-nine secrets of extreme success. In Make It BIG! he shares the story of his rise to real estate superstardom and the forty-nine simple philosophies that have made him the success he is today, including:

Training Yourself to Take Bigger Risks
Creating a Niche in Whatever Marketplace You Desire
Becoming THE "Go-To" Person in Your Industry
Persisting and Persevering Each Day
Learning What Makes Highly Successful People Tick
Living a Life that Truly Rocks!
Sharing the Successes You Have Been Blessed With
Leaving a Legacy of a Life Lived with No Regrets
This book is a guide for creating larger-than-life results, and doing it with excitement, passion, and fun. Make It BIG! will give you the secrets for achieving extreme success–– but on your own terms.

Aa McKinney explains:

"...How the heck did I do it? How did I go from being 18 and broke to providing homes to billionaires? How did I arrive in Florida a lousy student, a kid in trouble with the law, the black sheep of a well-respected family, and become a millionaire by my late twenties, building some of the more expensive mansions in the world, hobnobbing with people like Don King, Dave Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Richard De Vos, Jeff Gordon-all the while keeping my long hair, my motorcycles, and my unconventional attitude? At a relatively young age, how I dare create a life most people would kill for? And why did I think I'm qualified to tell you how to succeed?" (Extracted from the Introduction by Frank McKinney) 

"If you wish to enter the real estate profession, you will find much in these pages to help you. However, anyone can benefit from these 49 philosophies and learn from the examples Frank describes. The stories of succeeding against enormous odds, sacrificing personal comfort to put everything into your business, living according to your vision, putting in a full day’s work day in and day out, contributing to others, and enjoying your life every moment, I believe can provide great inspiration no matter what your stage or status in life."
–– Rich De Vos, cofounder Amway, excerpted from the Foreword

"In the competitive world of ultra high-end residential real estate, Frank McKinney has managed to do what I’ve done with projects all over the world. His groundbreaking deals and brand-making attention to detail have enabled him to make it big within his chosen field. Read his book and learn how you too can become a great success."
–– Donald J. Trump


Frank Mckinney



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