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Vincent Roazzi

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By Vincent Roazzi

La Espiritualidad del Exito

Hacerse rico con integridad

from the book

Spirituality of Success

Getting Rich with Integrity  

DIY Award in no-ficción category



The Spirituality of Success challenges conventional thinking while offering readers invaluable wisdom and practical insight into achieving financial success without becoming morally bankrupt. The core of this life-changing book explores why 93% of all Americans have the wrong formula for success. It exposes this erroneous formula with shocking statistics that defy conventional wisdom while uncovering the true path to financial success and happiness by helping readers to reveal their authentic selves. Some of the wisdom shared in this life-changing book includes:

§ Lack of success is not due to lack of ability.

§ Those who are successful see things differently.

§ Success is only possible through other people.

§ You can only change your life and its outcome by changing what you know.

§ Success is not logical.

§ Failure is a learned trait.

§ To achieve success, you must see and think the way successful people do.

§ Today’s goal-setting strategies create obstacles to achieving financial success.

                  The Spirituality of Success—Getting Rich with Integrity has created a real buzz in the publishing and motivational speaking communities, landing on one of the most watched best-seller lists within four months of its release and recently becoming the grand prize recipient of the DIY Award in the non-fiction category. This landmark book is already in its third printing and several countries have purchased foreign rights.


 Vincent Roazzi

 Información sobre Vincent Roazzi



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