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Alice Weathon

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By Alice Weathon

¡Dígame No!

El verdadero poder de la venta inversa

from the book

Say No to Me!

The True Power of Upside-Down Selling




About this book

The book offers a rare glimpse into the wrokings of the true sales process. It's about work, it's about discipline, and it's inevitably linked to rejection.

It proposes a change in our mindset at the time of receiving a no, which also will be a key factor for success because as Alice Wheaton suggests: The objections are the soul of the sale! Presented by an expert in the activity, the book contains practical suggestions, processes and guidelines that have been tested, improved and successfully used to break down psychological barriers that exist in the field of sales and marketing. The author also gives us his personal experiences in the area of Network Marketing.


"If you are committed to "growing your business" by selling more, invest the time to read this book and apply the concepts Alice introduces. Our sales team attended a training program based upon the book, but custom designed by Alice, and within three weeks, I noticed a change in the activity and approach adopted by the team. Alice is able to relate to real life issues and provided the team with solutions they could implement inmediately. I achieved my ROI!"

Ecky Pilz, President, Care Factor Computer Solutions, Inc.

"This is an exciting book that will give you exactly what you need to excel in sales! Alice Wheaton's proven track record qualifies her to be your mentor. With the knowledge you will acquire, you can develop the confidence and competence to help your clients achive theri goals as you achive yours. Alice has provided a very important service and innumerable people will benefit form it" Say No to Me is a must read!"

Judy Bush, Manager, Sales Education, The Americas, Mary Kay, Inc.

"What a surprise to find that the information in this bookis not only applicable to my sales team but is applicable to all of the emplyees in the organization. Not only that, the information can be applied with great effectiveness to everyday life! Everyone, no matter what theri tille, is in sales and this book will help them get closer to success!"

Terry O'Grady, Prsident & COO, Stone Creek Properties, Inc.

"Say NO to Me!" shows you how to sell more, faster and easier, against any competiion in any market. By removing objections skilfully, you move onto the high road to sales success."

Brian Tracy, author of The 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires, Eat that Frog! and th 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success

"As Alice Wheaton points out in her enlightening book, you ought to feel very good whean a prospect says no to you. It's the first step towards that same prospect saying yes! Most people quit at that first no, but readers of Say NO to Me! will realize that it's really the halfway point in the closing the sale. Congratulations to Alice for writing a book that salespeople around the world will hail as a breakthrough."

Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the book series Guerrilla Marketing.


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