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Ola 4 El Network Marketing en el siglo XXI

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Richard Poe

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By Richard Poe

Construyendo Redes al Estilo Ola 3

from the book

The Wave 3 Wave to Build your Downline



His last bestselling book described it: A nineties revolution that would redefine network marketing strategies forever!

Now, in response to thousands of network marketers wanting to know how to use these strategies to build their own empire, comes Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline.

Based on extensive interviews with multi-level marketing leaders, Author Richard Poe offers proven strategies to building a wide, deep downline—quickly! He has named these principles and techniques the Wave Three Way.

His new book serves as a sequel and companion guide to Wave 3: The New Era in Network Marketing, which has 200,000 copies in print. For MLM distributors, or those just considering multi-level marketing, the techniques in Wave 3 Way to Building Your Downline empower readers by sharing:

·Success secrets of top MLM achievers who run their businesses the Wave Three Way

·Practical tips for recruiting and selling

·Methods of automating the daunting task of downline management

·A proven way of attaining massive results through minimal action (The Butterfly Effect)

·Exciting personal stories of the success and triumphs of network marketing pioneers


 Richard Poe

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Ola 4 El Network Marketing en el Siglo XXI




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