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Direct Selling Woman Alliance

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By DSWA (Direct Selling Woman Alliance)


101 Secretos de los principales expertos en venta directa 



101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts  



About this book 

Build It Big - 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts.

This breakthrough book reveals 101 insights and practices on how to grow your direct selling business, shared by industry experts who do not just talk about success - they live it. Build It Big moves beyond the out-dated business practices that no longer work in today’s changing world and speaks to the essence of your success by offering an enlightened perspective of every facet, from getting started to building a team and then coaching them to the top.

The experience of discovering these 101 insider secrets will inspire greater confidence in both yourself and your business. It will provide you with answers to your most pressing challenges, such as where to find more customers, how to juggle family and business and how to find your next superstar. This book will inspire you into action so that you begin to experience the success and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

Here is a peek at this comprehensive guide to your direct selling success:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Starting Your Direct-Selling Business
Chapter 2 - Booking and Coaching Your Hostess
Chapter 3 - The Art of Selling
Chapter 4 - Sponsoring and Building Your Team
Chapter 5 - Coaching Your Team
Chapter 6 - Developing Leadership Skills
Chapter 7 - Managing Business Finances
Chapter 8 - Integrating Home and Business
Chapter 9 - Building Through Technology
Chapter 10 - Strategies for Success

Add this cutting edge book to your personal success library and use it as a personal guide, quick reference for insights and ideas, team meeting planner, source of inspiration and so much more.

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If you own a home-based business or have thought about starting one, either direct selling business or network marketing, this book has been written for you. In its pages are disclosed innovative ideas on how to succeed in business, ideas shared by women and men who not only speak of success, but live it. Although this book was written specifically for more than 44 million people worldwide who are independent distributors with direct sales companies, the information applies equally to anyone who owns a small business or are thinking about starting one. Through these concepts, we turn to the essence of their success and offer an illuminating perspective of all facets inherent in how to grow their business, from the very beginning to become a leader who leads his team.


 Direct Selling Woman Alliance (Allianza de Mujeres en Venta Directa)











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